Monday, February 16, 2009

Master caution again

The master cation frame is finally ready, I will post a few pictures one of these days.

The final version is slightly different from the original design, in fact the two springs had to be put between the two lower brackets. It means that the two springs push the brackets away one from the other instead of pulling. I have tested the movement of the button and it works even if it is not as smooth as I wish. I guesst I have to put some oil between the two pieces of aluminium but it can never be as smooth as an electronic switch.

There is also another problem due to the windows made in the outer windows to let the upper brackets pass outside of the pipe to fix the button to the cockpit frame. The windows will be a problem when the leds are on because the light will pass also throught the windows creating an undesired game of lights. I have thought to two possible solutions and I will probably adopt both of them:

  1. mount the button in such a way the window will always be below the frame (in this way I guess the light will be much less because the wood will naturally stop it; I should probably add a fisical protection like a piece of dark gumi)
  2. try to mount the led in the upper most side of the outer pipe with a dark gumi in the back (for this implementation I should investigate the usage of special very little leds like those used to light handy phones; the light will probably be inserted into the plexi; particular caution must be applied while cabling the leds because they move together with the outer pipe whenever the button is pressed or released)

In the mean time I think it is time to start designing the right side of the cockpit. I have to put there more commands usually found in the upper side of the real cockpit like fior example the trust control, the gear lever and so on. I have submitted yesterady an order to opencockpits getting a new master card a few switches and the gear lever of the 737 (I had found a 767 model too but was really too expansive).

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