Sunday, February 22, 2009

A picture of the Master Caution

As I promised a few days ago, this is a picture of the MC.

You can see the two squared pipes, one inside the other. The upper handles will be fixed to the cockpit frame. The two springs at the bottom keep the two pipes in the right position and allow to press the button. A switch at the bottom left side catches the pressure of the button.

Now the difficult part is to fit the leds in the upper side. I have already shaped a little holes card to fit in the big pipe. The card will be hold by a set of screws in order to keep the leds upon the hole and avoiding the lights to pass through the holes of the pipes.
At the present I plan to put 4 red and 4 yellow leds in the holes. Over the card of leds, I put the plexi and over it a little piece of white paper with the written.

I hope the final result will not be so bad. As I said, at the present I have the impression that the movement of the button is not as smooth as I hoped at least compared to an electronic switch. I will go ahead building that button but I am still not 100% that this tool will never be part of my cockpit.
in fact last week I went to conrad and bought a squared button where it is possible to fit one led. I am investigating if it is possible to fit two colored leds inside the button and if I succeed I will probably choose this second solution even if the button is not as big as I wish.

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