Friday, December 26, 2008

Master caution button project

Here below you can see a picture of the master caution button project.

The green box is the bigger squared pipe. The litle pipe, inside the green box, is represented by a black box.
The big green box moves up and down around the blue supports (there are 2 holes in the big pipe and the supports, screwed in the little pipe, will pass through such holes).
Two springs kee the button in the upper position. When the user presses the button, a switch is closed activating a line in the SIOC software.

The blue supports in the upper side are screwd to the panel and fix the button in the right position. The other 4 supports, at the bottom of the 2 pipes are needed to blck the switch and the screws. You can imagine a hole in a pipe whenever a support is fixed in the other squared pipe.

Plexi has to be fixed very carefully because it needs to support user pressures that could be quite strong. The plexi will have a written but the caution/warning message will be distinguished by the color of the leds (yellow for warning and red for alert).

The picture has no sizes but if someone is interested I could write down a better project with measures. However, the little squared pipe is 7cm long and the biggest is 6cm. I have bought such pipes in a workshop for around 3EUR each.

At the present I have cutted the two pipes and made the holes in the biggest one. The holse still needs to be refined. and I ma still thinking which is the best way to do that.

The design is quite clear for me. But there are a lt of techinical issues that i don´t know yet how to address. For example how to fix the springs and the switch. And even which type of switch to mount.
Another point is the plexi that should have the same level of the surface of the pipe but fixed somehow to allow the user to press it without bracking or moving.
Finally, until the whole button will be ready I don´t know if the bissgets pipe will move smoothly enough inside the little one.

As usual, I will post some picture in the blog.

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