Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have finally cabled all the leds and buttons in the panel.

I am not going to attach the schema here (please send me an email if you are interested).
The concept driving the wiring is the following:
  • the box has a DB9 socket for the leds (the same that is in the master card). This means that there is one +5 line and one more out then the panel needs.
  • the box has a DB25 with 18 input lines (plus 2 ground; it takes one half of one of the 2 output sockets of the master card). In this way ther are 4 spare output lines.
  • it must be possible to remove the panel from the frame unplugging a socket but without damaging the connections
  • a LED takes the +5V from the output and shows if the panel is connected to the master card
The idea is that the cables from the DB9 and the DB25 aof the frame re connected to a IDE 40 pins sockets screwed to the frame itself. A 40 pins cable is connected from one side into the socket and to the other side to the buttons (or the leds).
In this way if I want to remove the panel from the box I only have to unplug the 40 pins cable.

I have successfully tested the leds. While for the buttons I need some more work because I do not have a 25 pin cable.

I have decided the put the master card in the power supply box so I am now reshaping the box to fit both the cards.

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