Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wodden frame

The frame is in place, ready to be painted. I have already cutted the edges and the internal parts touching the buttons.

All the buttons and switches have been locked to the plexi: I made some holes in the plexi to put the hooks of the switches into. The diffiuclt part was to cut the plexi deeply enough to fit the hooks without passing to other side of the sheet.
The 6 buttons with leds have been fixed to the plexi with the help of some screws whose heads goes inside the plexi leaving its surface as flat as we need to put the second sheet of plexi on it later on.

This work needed much more time then expected while working the wood to leave space for buttons internally and while making the holes in the plexi for the hooks of the switches and for the heads of the screws. A lot of time, patience and precision...

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