Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Here you can see a picture of the wiring of the outputs:
At the bottom there is the DB9.
The positive pole goes to directly to the left side of the 40 pins socket. A negative cable goes at the right side to. The LED for the power will be connected to these 2 cabel and installed into one side of the panel.
The negative pole is connected the 7 upper right pins while the seven positve cable goes in the seven bottom pins of the socket with a little resistance.

This wiring allows me to get a pair of cable from the 40 wires flat cable and connect dirctly the negative and the positive to each LED.
In my opinion the connection is very simple and more important I can decouple the panel from the frame olugging or unplugging the flat cable in the socket.

The design for the input lines is more or less the same as you can see in this picture:
The DB25 is below the pin holes card and connects 2 bloks of 20 wires, 2 of which are grounds.
The division resembles the master card architecture but the grounds extends for 9 poles.

The 40 pins socket is divided in 2 areas for the 2 blocks of inputs. The ground extends for 9 pins in the high left side and for other 9 pins in the left upper side. Each of the 9 inputs of the same block are just beow the respective ground.
The 4 pins at the center of the socket (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom) are unused.

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