Saturday, June 7, 2008

The buttons are in place

I put all the buttons, switches and leds in their proper positions into the panel holes.
They are better then I thought: even if the holes are not perfect the items took their place quite smoothly.

I had to figh a little to put the 5 buttons in the right side into the panel with their pins out of the holes card but the final result is pretty good.

This photo shows the plexi panel with all the eletronic stuffs inside:

To complete the job I have to put the mask and cover with a second plexi.
This is the panel with the mask I used to cut just to give me the feeling of the final result.

Much better isn't it?

The panel has a total of 14 buttons and 6 leds to connect to the master. I do not have yet a plan for that. I didn´t find a position for the master neither the way to connect to this panel. I only know that the panel will be placed on top of the monitor and connected somehow to the master that will be in another position.

I think I need to see some results so I will probably leave the master over the table, connect the cables and try to let the system work. Later on I will put all the pieces in their right position.

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