Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First panel cutted

Last sunday I finished cutting the first part of the light panel. and this time was much more easy then before and in fact I did everything in a couple of hours.

The problem I had before was that I painted the area to cut with a black pen over the upper protecting cellophane. The area appeared very clearly but when I start drilling the cellophane got burned and the colored areas disappeared.

This time I removed the cellophane from both sides of the plexi and painted both sides with the black pen. In this way was much easier to identify what to cut and the black part remained untouched while drilling.

Now I have the holes to insert all the buttons and switches. I am not completely satisfied because the surface is not perfect but I am not very good in this kind of things. However, this is the plexi panel where I will fix the switches and it will be covered by the second one and the paper with the written and the lines so it is not very important if it is not perfect... I hope ;-)

Now I am ready to fix buttons and switches and to wire them to have something working with the simulator.

I am still thinking where to put the master card and how to cable everything given that the space for the buttons is very thin, just over the LCDs. I have to connect the master card to the power supply and to the new panel.

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