Tuesday, October 7, 2008

IVAP moved in the laptop

Excited by having the hardware connected to the laptop, yesterday I moved IVAP from my desktop in the laptop. Just to be a little more clear (and repetitive): I run FSX in the desktop while opencockpit hardware (the light panel for instance) is connected to a Dell laptop.

The installation went quite smoothly apart that I had to install SimConnects in the laptop. But even this step was quite easy and automatic.
Initially I decided to have all the IVAP subprocesses running in the laptop but the connection with IVAO did not respond. I ended up having in the desktop only the GUI and the IVAO connection while all the rest runs in the laptop.

Surprisingly the IVAO traffic was immediately there, all the hardware (OpenCockpit and CPFlight) worked as usual as well as TeamSpeak for voice communications.

I still have to try with a full online flight to double check if the engine weather works well. By turning the encoders of CPFlight MCP it seems that it now reacts much better.
What is not satisfatory is that the online traffic that is not smooth enough: I have to check connecting the laptop through an RJ45 instead of the wireless.

Moens, the author of IVAP, does not warranty about increasing of performances having IVAP running in a separate windows box in connection with FSX. From this point of view my PC is too old and slow to give definite results but if my CPFlight hardware is more responsive than it means that the performances are better then before.

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