Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The simulator into the closet

My apartment is not very big and I needed a place to put my windows box and my flight simulator stuff without having cables visible in any place.
I would say that computers are never nice looking but in my case with all the cables running from the box to monitors, joy, MCP and so on my PC looks very ugly. My wife, the boss, decided the computer must be hidden somewhere.

I don't have a free room available so I have decided to put all the stuffs into a mirrored closet in the living room. When I am not flying the closet is closed and the computer invisible. I have to mediate, of course, because the available room into a 1m wide closet is not what we can think of by talking about an home cockpit. However, planning the space very carefully I can demonstrate that the project is feasible.

The first step was to build a wooden armature to reinforce the closet itself in order to be able to hang the monitors or other devices along walls. The armature goes into the closet just upon the table:

The second part of the project was to install all the hardware into the closet: the PC, 2 monitors, the joy, the MCP, the 4 radio modules, headset, webcam, printer, scanner.

The idea was to have the PC and the printer on the floor. The 2 monitors hanged on the wall as well as the radio modules and the MCP.
The keyboard goes below the table so there will be enough room for the joystick, the mouse, papers and charts over the table:

You can see some more shots I took while building the system is in the closet gallery:
The flight simulator into the closet

This introduction is probably enough to explain the situation and the solution I found. I would say that I am quite satisfied and even surprised for the final result. And even more important, my wife is satisfied with this solution.

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