Monday, January 9, 2012

Logitech G940

One of the thing I mostly missed while simulating is the throttle for a twin jet engine like the 767 I always fly. There are several alternatives in the shops and I believe that the most used throttle comes from the saitek. Saitek in fact sells the Pro flight throttle quadrant that can be customized for a twin jet, for the flaps. IMO these lever are so ugly that nobody should really buy them. But I know this is my opinion and someone could prefer a ugly device if it works well.

Walking in a shop I found the Logitech G940, a gaming device composed of a 2-axis force feedback joystick, throttle for a twin engine plane and the pedals. I looked for info on the net and found a very interesting review that convinced me to buy the device.

I am well aware that such a device does not match with a 767 home cockpit. So why I decided to buy it?
The reason is that my home cockpit is not intended to be a replica of a 767 cockpit because I do not have enough room at home. My goal is instead to fly without the keyboard and this device gives a lot in this sense: 2 throttles, a set of configurable buttons. And i gain much more realism with the pedals. 
Is the force feedback joy adding something to the realism? I don' t really believe as I have already had the Microsoft Sidewinder. If it does not add any realism, it adds a good feeling while flying because it transfer to the hand some of the forces that act to the plane surfaces. I could feel the bumping of the plane in the asphalt, the force in the wings to counter act with the trims and so one.

The logitech G940 is meant for a twin engine jet fighter. It is not the only one alternative on the market. Saitek is also offering something very similar at an higher price, the X-65F. This last product can or cannot be better, I don't know. And the price play a role in my choice because I don't really know, at the present, if I will build the pedestal at a certain point. But  the pedestal is a very complex piece of hardware and even if I will build (or buy) it, it will require long time before being ready. The G940 will help from the time being.

I will write my own review after installing and testing G940.

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