Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in Germany

I definitely left Chile the 31st of October and I am back in Garching since last saturday the 5th and back at work since monday the 7th.

Now that I am back in Garching it is time to set up the system to flight.
My old PC is really too old... it was already very old and slow a couple of years ago but now I found almost impossible to work with it. It is a P4 Fujitzu Siemens and I have to say that it never stopped working. The only failure in so many years has been an hard disk! I am now evaluating if it is the case to use the PC for some background not expansive task or to definitely retires it.

After a survey in the internet and in the shops in Munich, I bought a new machine from csl-computer. It has the components that I would have chosen by myself. In short: Intel Core i7 3.4Mhz, 16Gb RAM, 2Tb HD, NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 550 Ti with 4096 MB, Motherboard ASUS P8H67 Pro, USB 3.0,...
I am a little bit concerned about the graphic card. In principle it is a good one with its 4Gb RAM but I need to see it in action with the flight simulator. However, in my opinion, the graphic card is the only one component that is worst to upgrade in a couple of years to increase the performance of the whole machine. After it is usually better to change the computer itself. 

The network is also on the way. I choose a DSL with 6.000 kbit/s. It was enough in the past so it will hopefully be now again.

Knowing germany, I will probably have the PC and the network during this week or the first days of next week. 

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Anonymous said...

Bentornato a casa e ben fatta per il nuovo pc! Salutoni da un "vecchio" ma non morto contatto, Fgne :-)