Saturday, September 25, 2010

XPlane 9 arrived

I bought XPlane 9.xx from the Laminar Reserach web site and arrived a few days ago.
I was surprised to receive the software in a so short time.

I was expecting a box but it was an envelope with the DVDs inside. I have to say that one of the DVD, the number 4, was missing. I contacted the support and they provide for sending me the DVD (not yet arrived).

The installation procedure is quite easy on windows. What I liked is that it is clean in the sense that does not write tons of things in the registry: it creates only a folder with all the software, libraries and so on inside.
I could not install all the sceneries for Europe as they are right in the 4th DVD. :-(

There are a lot of planes ready to fly. The Piaggio P180 seems to be one of the best but it is very nervous and difficult to fly. i have to say that a new version of this plane has been published a few days ago.

Looking for a serious plane to fly I downloaded a B737 and an A320. They comes with a lot of liveries.

The plane did not work and I discovered that the my XP was quite old, something like v9.22 instead of the last one (9.60 at this moment). It was quite surprising but after installing the planes worked and I liked it considering that they are freely available, especially the 737.

I am looking for a plane to fly on IVAO and to use for my home cockpit too.

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